About Us

The Company

Sukanya established Sukanya Consulting Services (SCS) in July 2009. The company is registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia.

The purpose

The purpose of SCS is to facilitate the empowerment and growth of individuals and organizations. It aims to provide opportunities for expanding their horizons of teaching and learning taking into consideration the human and social dimensions. This underpins the guiding principle of the company – to create opportunities for people and organisations by transcending boundaries.

The Positioning

SCS aspires to be the service provider of choice to both clients and partners alike. SCS wants to be the HELP when it is needed most.

The Motto of the company is:

“Transcending boundaries, Creating opportunities”

The philosophy:

The world is our oyster” – this means that one can achieve anything one wants in life, because one has the ability or the opportunity or the freedom to do so.

Sukanya’s profile

Sukanya has more than 25 years experience in the field of education. She graduated with a double degree in Biochemistry and Education more than 30 years ago. Sukanya’s experience spans both the public and the private education sector in Malaysia. She spent a major part of her career in the private education sector (more than 20 years). She has held both academic and administrative management positions. Her experience includes heading the Australian Matriculation programme at Sunway College from 1989 to 1996. From 1996 to 2003 she was at Sepang Institute of Technology (SIT), currently known as HICT, and managed the SIT Foundation programme there.

Sukanya left SIT to be the Marketing Manager of JM Education Counselling Centre(JMECC), Malaysia, which is a private education consultancy. She was with JMECC from 2004-2008.With her team of counsellors, she oversaw the promotion, marketing and recruitment of students for both undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses overseas. She has done extensive work in profiling tertiary institutions in Australia, New Zealand and the Netherlands in Malaysia. Recently, she received her accreditation as a NZ specialist education agent. She has completed her Masters degree in Managerial Psychology at Help University College, Malaysia.